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Published March 7, 2014 by hesitanthedonist

I texted “goodnight” and went to bed with the phone nearby..at ear level..just in case I fall too much into sleep that I don’t hear the phone ring- or the trill of my text notification. Yes, I am loathe to admit it, but I do engage in what amounts up to “waiting by the phone, ringing my hands and checking for dial tone”- except I’m doing it in my sleep.

I do sleep and am irritated when the phone rings, wondering..why the ?!#$..ah yes!…”Hello..” my voice trails off sounding groggy but believe me the rest of my body has responded..like a flick across a tightly wound string. I’m awake. “Come and open the door, I’m downstairs”. “Mmmm yes” I think and I hang up the phone.

And before you know it I’m snuggling up to you and you’re kissing me and I want more-but I don’t ask for more..but I really should-and I will next time- because your kisses feel good and make me feel..pretty..which is kind of odd..because our eyes are closed but I feel a pretty feeling. And after the kissing we both know what comes next. I suck your cock and it really is that good. So good are we that limp and soft becomes hard and straight in my mouth in 20 seconds.. 30 seconds and more when I want to tease myself. Your cock so stiff in my mouth. I can let go and watch it stand up for me. Swaying before my eyes, making me throb. Yes we are that good together- all the fucking time 🙂 So I suck you and feel my pussy getting wet, not dripping or anything but I know- and so does he from experience- that my pussy is nice and ready. I can taste when he cums and I’m licking and sucking and he doesn’t stop being hard.

But I have to stop and pull back because it’s sweet. He tastes good to me, feels good to me and I want him in me-and we both know that a few more sucks and he will climax and fill my mouth and then I would be waiting for the morning to get fucked…And we both know how I cope with waiting…

So we do fuck and it’s wonderful and I want it to be loud but it can’t be because of where we are at the moment..the bed squeaks and creaks…like a crazed, autotune violin…and my pussy did rain on his cock, I did cum but the loveliest part for me was…

When you climaxed with me on my knees between your legs, back arched, ass in the air, you’re pulling my hair, head bent back so that the tip of your cock is firmly between my lips and you start cumming..and cumming..slowly pumping and with every thrust I taste some more and you slowly push my head down the length of you..And that’s when I cum..unbidden and unexpected as I’m drinking cum and gagging on your cock and pussy juices start dripping down my leg.

and THAT’s what’s got me posting 2 days in a row :):) 🙂

Hesitantly Blogging

Published March 6, 2014 by hesitanthedonist

Well I want to do a whole bunch of stuff on here but nothing can happen if I don’t have CONTENT to organize and make seductive. The stories and real life experiences that I have closeted in my mind need to be released. I want to share and make something of it…I think I said pretty much the same thing when I started this blog. But I am here again to start anew. To catalogue the escapades, triumphs and moments of self-doubt. Everything real and imagined that is me will be present. So let’s start with today…

He says he misses me-but I didn’t ask if he did-was he sweetening me up? The usual me would have had a snappy come back but I waited impatiently. I want one of our soaking wet sex sessions- but I have to wait for that too. We don’t have sex for a few days, I feel less relaxed. Sometimes I masturbate but contrary to what was going on at the begin of this blog- it sucks. I just end up thinking about how I really want to see and feel his real live cock. Then the masturbation kinda goes nowhere as I muse and wonder. This time I don’t feel so tightly coiled up-just a feeling of impatience..but worth the wait-my pussy knows this.

Will I only be writing about sex and fucking and loving and fucking and sex and waiting then receiving the loving and fucking will I only be writing about sex?

I don’t know, probably… because so many beautiful things and people and creations in the world are provocative, mind and loin stirring..and that’s sexy 🙂

Birthday Part Two

Published December 4, 2012 by hesitanthedonist

After breakfast you tell me to wait on the couch. I can hear you rummaging through drawers before you come back. You return and tell me to stand in front of you and take my clothes off. Obeying you, I take my tshirt off, then my bra and panty. I wasn’t fully clothed to begin with. I start to feel self-conscious under your gaze as you hold your hand out. Dangling from your finger is a black  bra so I put it on while you dangle another wisp of material before me. I step into the matching panties. You tell me to sit in the armchair and spread my legs. I see you smile quickly, your choice was lace and crotchless. I feel a bit flustered but excited as you kneel infront of me.You instruct me to open my legs wider and put each leg on the armchair. I obey you. You lean forward and use the tip of your tongue to lick my clit in slow circles, I can’t help whimpering. I love everything we do. My back arches as your tongue glides lower  and then pulls away. I frown in confusion. And then you order me to touch myself, just my clit and to not stop until you can see the juices leaking out of my pussy. I feel shy and simply look at you and you tell me thats what you want. So that is exactly what you get. I rub my clit in slow, hard circles over and over. My head is thrown back and my eyes are closed. I lose all track of time as I caress myself. I hear you whisper “yes” encouraging me and I open my eyes in time to see you lean forward to lick my juices………

Birthday Part One

Published December 4, 2012 by hesitanthedonist

On this day you would wake up to me sucking and licking you as you have a lovely morning orgasm in my mouth. I would run you a bath where we would both get in, I would be behind you. You would be between my legs as I scrubbed your back and covered us in bubbles. Let me towel you dry and stroke you a little. Breakfast would be ready but it can wait as you bend me over the bath to enter me. There is little resistance as you slide in my pussy. I had been thinking about you fucking me and getting wet since I swallowed your cum. I didn’t expect an orgasm, after all this is your day from beginning to end, but you gave me one anyways and we cum in unison. You pull me up to give me a kiss while your hand dips between my legs to feel our juices on my inner thighs. I lean into you and kiss you harder, as my arms thread around your neck, you rub my clit and tell me, “more later”. I pout and pull back but I know we have plenty of time ahead of us.

An open letter to a possible future….

Published December 3, 2012 by hesitanthedonist

The present is concrete, set in stone and oh so difficult to maneuver around. Yet the future is soft and malleable. It is indistinct with no defining features and so I can put anything there, on that horizon that  you can hardly see unless you squint to make out the pattern. On the edge of this future I can place long, lazy evenings where we can lie unclothed in front of a fire, where you can trace out your name in honey across my stomach and lick every last drop. In this future you show me another way to pleasure myself as you guide my finger with yours into my pussy. The possibility of reveling in the sensuous without paying heed to time or space. I want to be consumed and devoured, enveloped in sweet, sticky juices. I want to be told in the most explicit terms how I will be fucked over and over again. I see a special kind of essence flirting on the edges of consciousness and in this future I give everything of myself to you. Furtive whispers and longings murmured in the dark. Fervent acknowledgments of passion and lust, of domination and desires laid bare. Unfolding in the distance is vulnerability pierced and flayed, scrutinized and dissected. To be pushed to the very limit and tumble over headlong into love and know that I am secure in the crook of your arms. This future can be told a myriad of ways and it is always nice and sweet. You spread my ass and enter me slowly inch by inch, so slowly that time falls away. You are painstakingly tender and sure that what we are experiencing is right for us. Inch by inch you will fill me and stop when I cry out at the sensations making my pussy juices drip down my leg as you murmur in approval. In this present time of tangible possibilities, let us hope and will ourselves into a very possible future.

Fragmented recollections

Published December 3, 2012 by hesitanthedonist

I want to write a coherent story and weave these snatches of heated memory into a cloak of desire to settle on my shoulders, rippling to the floor, smoothing it over my thighs. A mantle of remembrances..of feeling u slide in one finger, then pushing in another and then forcing in a third. Relentlessly thrusting while covering my mouth as I scream loudly and then louder as I get wetter and welcome the feeling of being stretched and filled. A recollection of the times where you slowed down and stroked me so very slowly-as smooth and sweetly thick like molasses..the times where I dripped juices down your cock as you got stiffer and rode me gently…those remembered times of hearing your deep groan rumble in your chest as you licked the curve of my ear.. My sore, wet pussy is a souvenir of our very physical acts..of our twisting and turning to be deeper and touching from head to toe, never once slowing our pace…I want to write about how my breath quickens as I reminisce about fragments of feelings..of your nipples hardening between the pads of my fingers..of you slapping my ass just once quick and hard, a sharp sting of pleasure. I suck on your tongue as you pin me to the bed holding my wrists above my head..i remember the feel of your taut muscles as my fingernails dig into your back… as your name catches in my throat…a flashback of the cool, unyielding floor beneath my knees as  I crawl over to suck you..a million and one reflections of our sweaty bodies and mingled cum refracting into  the point of a single orgasm..these are the memories that settle over me igniting an ardent flame grander than coherence 🙂

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